PVC water stoppers

What is a PVC Water Stopper?

PVC water stoppers are flexible strips made of plastic that act as a physical barrier to water at concrete joints. They are most commonly used in basements, water retention structures such as tanks, swimming pools, structural foundations, and other underground buildings.

PVC water stoppers are also known as PVC water bars. They are used to seal construction connections and prevent water leaks. Heritage Infraspace produces its own PVC water stopper in India, which helps us in saving massive material costs for construction company in India.

rolls of black water stopper strips ready to be used.

HDPE Water Stopper Rolls. Source – Civil Digital

Types of water stoppers

A top view of the water stop production machinery

HIPL’s water stopper production machine

Water stoppers are used to prevent water from leaking through joints in concrete structures. They are made from a variety of materials, including PVC, HDPE, TVP and rubber.

  • PVC water stoppers are made from a flexible plastic called Polyvinyl chloride and are commonly used in basements, swimming pools, and other underground structures. They are a good choice for applications where water tightness is essential. Heritage Infraspace is a leading manufacturer of PVC water stopper in India.
  • HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) water stoppers are made from high-density polyethene and are similar to PVC water stoppers in terms of their properties. They are more resistant to chemicals and abrasion, making them a good choice for applications where these factors are a concern.
  • TVP (Thermoplastic Vulcanised Rubber) water stoppers are made from a rubber and plastic alloy and are known for their high elasticity and resistance to long-term temperature fluctuations. They are a good choice for applications where water tightness and durability are essential.
  • Rubber water stoppers are made from rubber and are commonly used to seal pipes and tanks. They are a good choice for applications where water tightness is essential and where the stopper will be subjected to flexing or vibration.

Benefits of PVC water stoppers

Using PVC Water Stoppers for water proofing is ideal for diaphragm walls and deep basement construction. They offer several benefits, including:

  • Ability to withstand hydrostatic pressure: PVC water stoppers can withstand high water pressure, making them a good choice for diaphragm walls, which are often subjected to groundwater.
  • Superior elongation capacity: PVC water stoppers can stretch to accommodate movement in the concrete joint, without compromising their watertightness.
  • Resistance to acid and seawater: PVC water stoppers are resistant to a variety of chemicals, making them a good choice for constructing a diaphragm wall in dams that are located in corrosive environments.
  • Excellent elasticity: PVC water stoppers are highly elastic, which makes them easy to handle and install. They can also be bent to fit around corners and other obstacles.
man emptying a sack of some raw material into a machine funnel
  • Easy to install adjacent to reinforcing bars: PVC water stoppers can be easily installed adjacent to reinforcing bars, without damaging the bars. This is important in diaphragm walls and deep basements, which require a high level of reinforcement.

As a leading manufacturer of PVC water stopper in India, Heritage Infraspace offers a wide range of PVC water stoppers to meet the specific needs of diaphragm wall and deep basement construction projects.

How do we manufacture PVC Water Stoppers?

Two men load raw materials into the funnel of a PVC Water Stopper manufacturing machine in a factory

HIPL’s PVC water stoppers are made at its own water stopper manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The process is carefully controlled to ensure that the stoppers meet the highest quality standards. The steps involved in the production of PVC water stoppers are as follows:

  • Mixing of Bentonite and Water: The first step is to mix the hydrophilic agent bentonite with water. Bentonite is a clay that expands when it comes into contact with water. This expansion creates a watertight seal around the PVC water stopper.
  • Rolling and Cutting: The bentonite mixture is then rolled out into long strips. The strips are cut to the desired length and width.
  • Quality Control: The cut strips are then inspected for quality. They are checked for thickness, width, and uniformity. They are also tested for water absorption and expansion.
  • Storage: The qualified strips are then stored in a controlled environment until they are ready to be used.
  • Installation: The PVC water stoppers are installed in concrete joints during construction. They are inserted into the joint and then covered with concrete.

The PVC water stoppers are made using a special machine that ensures that the strips are uniform in size and thickness. The installation of PVC water stoppers is a critical step in the construction process and hence Heritage Infraspace follows a rigorous quality control process during the manufacturing of its PVC water stopper in India.

Solutions we provide

Diaphragm walls are a type of retaining wall that is used in construction projects where there is a risk of groundwater seepage. They are made of concrete and are installed underground. PVC water stoppers are used to seal the joints between the diaphragm wall panels and to prevent water from seeping through.

We offer a comprehensive waterproofing solution for diaphragm walls that includes:

  • Design and engineering: We will work with you to design a waterproofing solution that is specific to your project and your site conditions.
  • Supply and installation: We will supply and install the PVC water stoppers and other waterproofing materials.
  • Quality assurance: We will conduct quality assurance tests throughout the project to ensure that the waterproofing solution is meeting your requirements.
Two men fix PVC Water Stoppers within stop-ends at a diaphragm wall construction site

Our PVC water stopper in India are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of underground construction. Heritage Infraspace is a self manufacturer of PVC water stoppers in India. We offer a wide range of PVC water stoppers to meet the specific needs of your diaphragm wall construction project.

Frequently Asked Questions on PVC water stopper

PVC water stoppers effectively block potential channels for water to penetrate by forming a physical barrier within concrete joints, maintaining the construction’s structural integrity and durability.

Basements, bridges, tunnels and other concrete structures are among the many construction applications where PVC water stoppers are frequently utilised. They successfully stop water from entering, enhancing the building’s overall stability.

For top-notch PVC water stopper in India, you can trust our expertise. Our company specialises in producing and selling PVC water stopper solutions that address various construction needs, ensuring efficient leakage prevention.


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