Diaphragm wall for Metro stations


Metro Diaphragm Wall Construction in India

Metro Rail has changed the way people commute within cities in India. Constructing such a complex transit system in a populated country like India is a herculean task. And we at Heritage Infraspace take pride in the fact that we’ve contributed towards it with our diaphragm wall technology, piling and shoring activities in construction.

Challenge we solve during Metro construction

  • Underground water management for an efficient construction process.
  • Pillars that resist any underground movements of the soil/disaster resistant.
  • Providing lateral support in the soil to prevent unwanted accidents.

Service we provide for metro construction

  • Building strong and durable pillars by our Piling technique for elevated metro construction.
  • Each step of the technique has its own team. We believe in meticulously detailing our products through the use of the finest workmanship available.
  • Building Diaphragm Walls for underground metro construction


A sneak-peak into how the project was executed by our professional and efficient teams.